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Why English Schools Vancouver




There are thousands of English / ESL schools around the world with well over 100 in Canada alone.  So, how do you narrow it down to one school in one city?  We can help you with that decision.

Some things to consider include:

Curriculum.  What school(s) offer the courses that best fit your needs?

Quality.  Not all schools are created equal.  What school will best help you achieve your English learning objectives?

Location.  How safe is the city?  How much does it offer in terms of shopping, entertainment, restaurants, nightlife, cultural options etc?

Price.  The old adage “You get what you pay for” always applies however some schools offer superior value compared to others.  We work with schools that offer the best value for your money!


Why use English Schools Vancouver to help you find a school that is the BEST FIT for your needs?

1.    We save you time and money.  It can be intimidating with so many schools out there!  We help you to narrow down the choices to a select few and then introduce you to those schools for the final decision.

2.    Our Service is FREE.  There is absolutely NO COST to you to use our referral service.  Just lots and lots of benefits!

3.    We work with a wide variety of English schools in Vancouver so we can offer you lots of choices.

4.    We are NOT a commissioned School Agent.  We offer a referral service to help you choose the right school and then give you lots of Awesome FREE stuff once you decide.  You pick the school that you want!  We base our recommendations on your requirements, not who pays the most commission.  We want the BEST FIT for you.

5.    When you use our referral service we can give you lots of awesome FREE stuff like a Rocky Mountain Tour; Whistler Tour; Seattle Tour; or a Victoria Tour!

6.    We have watched numerous schools come and go.  The schools that we work with now are the survivors.  These are the schools that have proven that they can weather the storm and keep on going.

7.    You can look at reviews on school websites but what do they really mean?  NOTHING – schools don’t post bad reviews.  With English Schools Vancouver we have been to all of these schools, checked out their classrooms and facilities, talked to their students, met the staff, and picked the schools that we want to work with.

8.    Our main goal is to ensure that your Vancouver school experience is the best possible so that you tell all your friends and relatives that they have to come to Vancouver to study English.

9.    When we pick a school we look for a number of key factors.  We do the pre-screening for you.
>    Reputation
>    Choice of courses
>    Longevity
>    Integrity
>    What have our students said about the school since 1998?
>    Student mix – ie is the school predominantly one nationality?
>    Price

Why Choose Canada as your top choice for studying ESL / English as a Second Language?

  • There are MANY reasons that Canada makes the best choice.
  • Safety.  Canadian cities are renowned for being safe with crime rates far below their counterparts in the USA or UK.
  • Setting / Scenery.  Canada is a huge country (second biggest in the world) with tons of amazing scenery and wide-open spaces.  You have quick and easy access to a massive wilderness area from virtually any city in Canada!
  • Stability.  Canada’s economy and politics are both very stable making this a great choice of destinations for studying English.
  • Seasons.  Canada experiences the full range of seasons from snowy winters to breathtaking summers and colourful autumns.  No matter when you choose to study in Canada, there will be some great options available in that season!
  • Plus, we don’t have those silly British or American type accents!  We speak REAL English!

Why Choose Vancouver as your best option of Canadian cities?

  • In Canada there are 3 main cities offering ESL education – Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.  The owner of English Schools Vancouver has lived and worked in all three.  Based on his experiences we are going to focus on Vancouver as the best option for studying in Canada.  Here are some of our reasons:
  • For 5 of the past 6 years, Vancouver has been named the “Best City in the Americas” in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2010 Readers Choice Awards survey.
  • Mercer’s City Ranking lists Vancouver as 4th best city in the world for quality of living and the #1 city in North America in 2010.
  • The Economist ranked Vancouver as the World’s Most Livable City in 2010.
  • Vancouver is not too big and it’s not too small.  You can get everywhere downtown on foot without the need to constantly take buses, streetcars or subways.
  • Vancouver has a very mild winter compared to Toronto and Calgary.  While it’s great to see snow, especially if it is your first time, it’s nice not to have to live through months of freezing temperatures.
  • Vancouver has very easy access for CHEAP SHOPPING in the USA.  There are lots of premium outlet shops just south of the border in the Seattle area.
  • Vancouver has relatively easy access to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world!
  • For skiers and snowboarders, Vancouver has the best access to some of North America’s top rated ski hills!
  • For those that have never seen snow before, it’s an easy day trip to the Whistler area where you can see snow at the top of the gondola year round or, if you want to really get a snowy experience, join a Rocky Mountain tour!
  • 2010 Winter Olympics.  You can see, and live, where all the excitement happened during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

It’s Free – No hidden fees. 

It’s Easy – Just fill in the questionnaire and start saving

Please e-mail our website address to your friends, relatives, and associates who may be thinking of studying English as a Second Language.  Help them save money – they’ll thank you for it!