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Why are these schools recommended by English Schools Vancouver?  We have a long history with these schools, we have dealt with hundreds and in some cases thousands of their students, and we believe that these schools offer a great value product backed by a reputation for honesty and integrity.  Over the years we have had good experiences with these schools.

Alphabetical Listing– note this is not in order of preference or any sort of ranking.  It is strictly alphabetical.

All Sample Prices are based on a 2-month Full Time General English course for comparison purposes.  Prices are subject to changes made by the schools.


CSLI (Canadian as a Second Language Institute)

We have been working with CSLI since 2004.  Their campus is off the beaten track and is located in the prestigious Yaletown part of Vancouver.  CSLI is what we would call a “boutique” school in that it has a different feel than most of the other schools.


CSLI is an established international English school that offers adult students a variety of programs with a particular Canadian flavour – hence the name.

- Free Friday Activities

Use your English in fun and practical situations during CSLI’s famous Free Friday Activities!  Among the many options are sightseeing tours, sports, cooking, and cultural experiences!  And there are NO EXTRA FEES to join these activities!

- Active, Friendly, and International

CSLI has been chosen by students from nearly 80 countries, with people from all over the world becoming lifelong friends.  Break-time games, special events, and international theme nights stimulate cultural, social, and educational interaction in English.

Since 1992, CSLI has succeeded in delivering the best possible method of learning in a safe, friendly environment.  We are committed to providing you with a school that you can trust and one that you will always remember as your “home away from home.”  Our modern, spacious facility in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown community of Yaletown, and our friendly, helpful teachers and staff, will provide you with a study environment unmatched by other schools.

Size – Up to 250 students in peak season

Nationality Mix – CSLI has had up to 32 different countries inthe schools at one time however the average is 18 – 20 different nationalities.  They have a quota system in place with a maximum of 35% from any one country.

Class Size – Maximum of 14

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,760

Courses Offered

·         Academic English

·         Practical English

·         IELTS Preparation

·         University Preparation

·         Cambridge (FCE, CAE, CPE)

·         TOEFL & TOEIC Preparation

·         TESOL

·         Executive Program

·         Senior Program

·         Power Speaking

·         Power Vocabulary

·         Listening / Pronunciation


EF (Education First)

We have been working with EF since 2001.  This is a great mid-size school located in the heart of downtown Vancouver on busy Granville St.  Their relatively new campus features a large meeting room for presentations plus a student lounge area.  They have their own in-house Activity Coordinator with a very active social calendar.


Since 1965 EF has been a trusted name with worldwide recognition.  There are many reasons why students choose EF.   By operating our own school – we create an optimal learning environment for our participants complete with top facilities equipped with the latest educational technology.  EF developed the EF Efekta™ Language Learning System, which is our full learning package.  You’ll learn faster and gain lasting results because your course of study is more personalized to your needs.

Our schools are rigorously inspected and accredited according to the highest standards set by respected organizations.  Plus dedicated EF staff take the worry out of study abroad planning. We do everything for you – arranging every detail from flights and visa assistance to travel and medical insurance.

Size – Up to 500 students in peak season

Nationality Mix – EF draws from a number of different countries with the top 10 being Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, France, South Korea, and Germany.

Class Size– Average is 10 with a maximum of 14

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,640

Courses Offered

Classes are 40 minutes each.  EF offers Long Term sessions which are less expensive than going on a Short Term weekly basis.

·                     Intensive Course – 32 lessons a week

·                     General Course – 26 lessons a week

·                     Basic Course – 20 lessons a week

·                     University Preparation

-                     TOEFL Program

·                     Teacher Training Course – Groups only

·                     Internship Program

·                     Language Exam Preparation – 32 lessons a week

·                     Juniour Language Courses



We have been working with Eurocentres since 2009 making it one of our most recently added schools.


Your teachers are experts, qualified at teaching their language.  They use a variety of up-to-date approaches to design an ideal course for your particular group. We focus on creating the right environment for you to learn effectively. This means that classes are interesting, and learning progress is rapid, thanks also to project and group work, the most up-to-date materials and computer learning programs, video and audio facilities.

Your course is organized in weekly modules with detailed learning objectives for your level.  Your teacher explains these aims to you so you are able to see where you are going. You are consulted as a partner in this process. You have a review lesson at the end of each week.

We help you to progress more quickly through the feedback from teacher assessments and tests. At the end of your stay you feel confident about what you can now do in the language.

The school is centrally located with spacious classrooms and a learning-friendly environment.  There is a self-study centre, recreation rooms, e-mail and internet access-free of charge.

Size –  230 students in peak season

Nationality Mix –  Eurocentres has a good mix of students from all over the world.  Their maximum is 25% from any one country although they will generally have about 15 different countries in attendance.

Class Size –  The average is 10 to 12 with a maximum of 14

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course - $2,770

Courses Offered

·         Basic English (Core Program) with Specialized Intensive & Specialized Super Intensive

·         Cambridge PET, FCE, & CAE

·         English for Business

·         IELTS

·         TOEFL

·         TOEIC

·         Language Activation

·         One to One

·         Work Experience

·         University Programs


GEOS Language Academy

We have been working with GEOS since 2001 and have watched them grow from a small campus to a more spacious school close to Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, and only a few blocks from the city centre.


Our school has 10 classrooms with large windows with beautiful views of the city.  These include larger classrooms for general classes and smaller rooms for small groups and private lessons. The average size of each class is 10 – 12 students.

The school has a comfortable lounge for our students to relax in, with a ping pong table and a movie theatre to watch their favourite movies.  There is also a place to find information about cultural activities and excursions around the province of British Columbia.

We have a Library for students to read books according to their levels.  Our Library has a great variety of books from Best Sellers to famous movies to read.  Also our school has magazines and daily newspapers available.  These are extra tools for our students to improve their English.

Free internet access with many computers for all our students to use.  The school has audiovisual resources, as well as a wireless Wi-Fi network in the school for students so that they can bring their lap-top to prepare for their classes.

Size – Small to Medium with 150 to 200 students in the summer

Nationality Mix – No nationality makes up more than 20% of the student population giving GEOS a good mix of students.

Class Size – average of 10 – 12 students

Sample Price for a 2 month Intensive General English Course – $2,200

Courses Offered

·         Super Intensive  and Intensive English

·         TOEFL iBT Course

·         Part Time English

·         TEC &  TESOL Preparation Courses

·         TOEIC Preparation Course

·         Business Communication

·         Power Speaking

·         Writing

·         Listening & Pronunciation

·         IELTS Preparation

-         Grammar

·         Private Lessons

·         University / College Pathway Programs

·         Study and Work Internship Programs


IH (International House)

We have been working with IH (formerly ILLC) since 2000.  IH is the only school located in “Uptown” Vancouver on West Broadway.  They have 2 campuses side by side with great views out over downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.  They have their own in-house Activity Coordinator with a very active social calendar.  They have 2 student lounges, 3 computer rooms with free internet access, and a student kitchen area.


Since 1990, IH Vancouver has been offering the highest quality language programs to students from around the world.  IH is accredited by Languages Canada. With a wide variety of programs and courses and an active social program, IH is the ideal place to study and experience Vancouver.  IH Whistler provides students with an unbeatable recreation experience to compliment their studies.

Whether you are looking for something serious or something fun, we have the English study plan for you. Language Programs suited for business people, tourists or university-bound students are available.

Size – Medium with up to 300

Nationality Mix

Class Size– Average is 10 with a maximum of 13

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,370

Courses Offered

·         General English Intensive

·         General English Intensive Plus

·         Business English (BEC Preparation)

·         University Foundation Program

·         TOEFL Preparation

·         TOEIC Preparation

·         Cambridge FCE / CAE Preparation

·         IELTS Preparation

·         Teacher Training

·         Young Learner Programs

·         Work Experience Programs


ILSC (International Language Schools of Canada)

We have been working with ILSC since 2001.  The school has several campuses in Vancouver and is the largest school in the city.


ILSC offers a wide range of courses from Full-time Intensive, Full-time or Part-time study schedules and you can take any combination of courses you wish, depending on your interests, goals, language level and schedule.

Most courses are offered at many different levels and last four weeks.  At the end of the four-week session, your language level will be assessed and you can choose new courses and/or move up a level in your current course.

Founded in 1991, ILSC is the largest language school in Canada and has established an international reputation second to none.

Size – This is the largest school in Vancouver.

Nationality Mix – Students come from more than 30 countries with no single language group in the majority.  They are committed to a balanced student population.

Class Size

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,230

Courses Offered

·         ILSC offers pretty much any and every type of program going.

·         Academic Preparation – 10 levels with 3 hour classes

·         Academic Preparation Skills – 1.5 hour classes with a wide range of topics ranging from Listening to Pronunciation to Vocabulary, Grammar and many more.

·         Business English – 3 hour classes and 1.5 hours classes available with a range of topics from Marketing, Advertising & Design, and E-Business to Job Opportunities and International Practices.

·         College & University Pathway Certificate Program

·         Communication – 3 hour and 1.5 hour classes available

·         Cooperative Program (Workplace Experience + Classroom Study)

·         Executive Business

·         Premium Programs including Cambridge Mastery and TESOL Preparation

·         Teacher Training Preparation

·         Test Preparation Including TOEFL; TOEIC; Cambridge (FCE; CAE; & CPE)

·         Youth Group Packages

·         Youth Programs (Summer and Winter)



We have been working with inlingua since 2002.  They have 2 campuses.  One is located in Gastown, an historic part of Vancouver located near the waterfront and the second is on Granville St. in the centre of downtown.


At inlingua Vancouver you will speak English from your very first lesson.  You will learn English in a comfortable environment at inlingua’s excellent facilities. The language school is in a safe and central area of downtown Vancouver. We have qualified and friendly teachers and helpful staff to assist you.

Size – Medium School with up to 380 students in the summer.

Nationality Mix– Students come from 25 different countries.  The Vancouver school has a slightly higher number of students from Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.  The maximum number of students from one country is 35% but 15% to 25% is normally the most from any single country.

Class Size– The average is 8 to 12 with a maximum of 15

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,875

Courses Offered

·         Intensive English

·         Super Intensive English

·         Accelerated Communication Program – ACP

·         Semi Intensive English – AM or PM

·         TOEFL iBT Preparation

·         Cambridge PET / FCE / CAE Preparation

·         IELTS Preparation

·         Business English

·         Study & Work Program



LSI (Language Studies International)

LSI is the first school that we started working with back in 1998.  The school is located in a quiet building 2 blocks from the main strip – Granville St.  One thing relatively unique with LSI is that they have a very low turnover of teachers.  This indicates a quality work environment which can only benefit students.


LSI has one aim and purpose: to ensure that you get the best possible language learning experience.

LSI Vancouver is ideally located in the heart of the downtown district. The city’s main attractions, such as shopping malls, galleries and theatres, are within easy walking distance, as are bus, Seabus and Skytrain services.

The school is on the first floor of a modern office tower. We offer comfortable classrooms, a computer lab with Internet access, a wide variety of self-study materials, and a common room for student use.  Our social calendar is full of excitement, including cultural activities (Vancouver Art Gallery and the UBC Museum of Anthropology), visits to parks (Lighthouse Park, Lynn Canyon, Queen Elizabeth Park), professional sports (NHL Canucks and CFL Lions), and outings to pubs, restaurants, or picnic areas!  Excursions to the capital city of Victoria or the mountain resort of Whistler are arranged every month. Summer activities include cycling, river rafting and hiking. Winter activities include skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating.

Size– Small to Medium with 150 students in high season

Nationality Mix– Varies by season although top nationalities include Swiss, Korean, Japanese, German, Mexican, Brazilian, Turkish, Saudi Arabia, and French Canadian

Class Size– Average is 10 with a maximum of 14

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,920

Courses Offered

·         Standard and Intensive English

·         English for Business

·         TOEFL / TOEIC Preparation Courses

·         International School Year Standard and Intensive

·         English for Teaching

·         Cambridge Examination Courses (CAE and FCE)

·         Club 50+

·         Executive Courses

·         Mini Group

·         9 Day Compact Courses


PLI (Pacific Language Institute)

We have been working with PLI since 2001.  Their campuses are both located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and are across the street from one another.  They both feature a lounge / kitchen area, computer lab and a very active social calendar.


With a wide range of exciting and dynamic English language programs, the only difficult part about learning English is deciding which course you’ll take:

Whether you want to learn English in Vancouver to further your academic and professional goals – or just for fun – there’s a program perfect for you.  And once you decide which course to take, we’ll give you all the support and encouragement you need to make learning English easy.

English courses in PLI Vancouver are great choices for business people, university students and for students looking for an exciting experience in a new country while making international friends!  PLI is your path to success in English!

Size – Up to 800 students in peak season

Nationality Mix – The largest numbers of students come from Brazil, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan with no single country representing more than 20% of the total.

Class Size – The average is 13 with a maximum of 15.

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $

Courses Offered

·         Intensive English

·         Super Intensive English

·         Intensive Academic Semester

·         Intensive Academic Year

·         Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE, CPE, CAE)

·         English for Business

·         University Preparation


VIC (Vancouver International College)

We have been working with VIC since 2009.  It is one of our newer schools.  The campus is located in the same building as 2 other English schools and is right across the street from the largest indoor shopping mall in downtown Vancouver.


Our goal is to provide our students with excellence in English education. We are dedicated to our students’ success and strive to provide the best environment possible to help them achieve their goals.  Our college provides a warm supportive environment, and our staff and teachers are sensitive to the needs of our culturally-diverse student population.

Our staff is composed of professional instructors of English as a Second Language.  Our teachers are energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to the overall success of our students.  Students are fully supported during their stay at VIC and multilingual counselors are available to assist students in their adjustment to life in Canada.

Students who study at VIC can expect to find a positive, supportive and student-centered learning environment where we personally guarantee high levels of achievement in their language study. To maximize learning, class sizes are small, with a limit of 12 students per class. We pride ourselves on offering clean, comfortable and modern facilities, and students have access to computers and the internet through wireless technology.  Always, our focus is to help our students move from learning the language to using the language in an authentic and natural environment.

Size– Medium size school with 180 – 200 students.

Nationality Mix

Class Size– Maximum of 12 students

Sample Price for a 2 month Full Time General English Course- $2,360

Courses Offered

·         General English

·         Speaking Clinic

·         Listening Clinic

·         Real Canadian Pronunciation

·         Written Arts

·         Communication Arts

·         Intensive Speaking & Listening

·         College Preparation

·         IBT TOEFL

·         TOEIC

·         Academic Communication

·         Business Communication

·         TESOL

·         College Transfer Program


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