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We can help you narrow down the choice of English schools in Vancouver from 45+ to the 2 or 3 schools that will best fit your needs.  When you complete our Questionnaire, we match your data with a variety of English schools in Vancouver to find the schools that best meet your criteria.

We have long realized that there is MUCH  MORE  to your international English school experience than just the inside of your school.  While the education you receive is paramount, there are many other things to be considered such as location; reputation; price; extra-curricular activities; nightlife; choice of restaurants, museums, and other attractions etc.

We are here to help you find the best school for your needs.  We are not a School Agent!  We are a referral service and our goal is simple – help you find the right English school for you!

Take a few minutes to browse through our selection of top-notch English schools in Vancouver, Canada and all the FREE things that you can get with English Schools Vancouver.  Note, we don’t offer every English school in the city, ONLY those that meet our high criteria and schools that we trust and feel comfortable working with.

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